1. Sort your clutter early
    A neat home is easier to sell than a cluttered home. If you know in advance that you may be putting your home on the market, start sorting out your clutter well in advance. Then when you put it on the market all the preparation is done and all you have to do is to keep it clean. The less clutter there is, the less cleaning there is to do – a double bonus. It also makes it easier for when you move.
  2. Get help with your garden
    If your garden is full of weeds and needs a good sort out – get it done – so that it looks beautiful for prospective buyers. And get help to do it if you’re short of time or stamina.
  3. Find a good real estate agent
    A really good real estate agent should have the skills and the passion to go through your home, before it goes on the market, to tell you everything that could be altered to create the best impression. It may be to make more space in the kitchen, to stop a door from jamming, to alter the position of the furniture or to put flowers in strategic spots. Get their professional advice instead of trying to work it out yourself.
  4. Don’t pay the agent too much for advertising
    Aren’t you going to be giving them a healthy commission when they sell your home? Why should they get more of your money to advertise their brand in the paper? Most buyers look at homes for sale via the internet, not the newspaper, so why pay for expensive newspaper ads?
  5. Sort out your furniture
    Have you got too many chairs? Too many tables? An over supply of beds? All this furniture can leave your house looking small and cluttered to a prospective buyer. The more space there appears to be, the more attractive it can appear. So get rid of surplus furniture now, don’t wait until you move. Charities such as St Vincent De Paul, The Salvation Army and Lifeline will come and pick up unwanted furniture for free.
  6. Organise outside activities
    Weekends can be particularly busy times for people to want to come and inspect your home. Organise yourself to go out on the weekends and stay in during the week.
  7. Wash during the week
    If you’re working full time and used to leaving the washing until the weekend – change your routine. A washing line full of undies isn’t too enticing for would-be buyers. As they’re most likely to visit on weekends – do the washing during the week and keep your weekends free.
  8. Let your friends know
    The quicker you get a good buyer the better, so do everything you can to help. Get hold of the Real Estate agent’s flyers and send them to all your friends – they may not want a new house but they may know someone who does. Tell everyone. Help to spread the word.
  9. Don’t overload yourself with other things
    Selling your house is a big deal. While you are doing this put other responsibilities on hold. You might resign from a committee, get someone else to help coach the T-ball team, stop your music or dancing or French lessons. Whatever you do – make space in your life because there’s a lot to do when you’re selling your home. Make the time to do it instead of fitting it in to an already squashed life.
  10. Exit pets
    Pet smells can be a major turn-off for some buyers. If they’ve been living indoors, getting rid of their lingering scent will generally mean a top-to-bottom polish, plus professionally cleaning any carpets and soft furnishings. Take your four-legged friend out with you during Open for Inspections wherever possible.
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