We Offer a management and lending service through Australian Capital Home Loans (mackay)
Quite simply we offer Client Managers / Personal Bankers and not Mortgage Brokers, while we have a large range of competitive products available form reputable lending institutions, we really are Personal Bankers, not Brokers.

Australian Capital Home Loans is a mortgage originator working very closely with and for its clients. Australian Capital Home Loans provides a wanted point of difference to mortgage brokers and other lenders, in that we aim to provide “service of yesteryear”.

Customers of Australian Capital Home Loans actually know their Personal Banker, a relationship reminiscent of years gone by. Our Personal Bankers have a life-of-the-loan active involvement with their clients and furthermore assist them in the areas of: Budgeting and money management, Goal setting and rewards program, Rapid debt reduction and On-going financial education Australian Capital Home Loans can teach people how to budget.

Budgeting does not mean we stop people from spending, but the majority of Australia ‘s population is not proficient in money management, goal setting, wealth creation and rapid debt reduction. We teach customers to understand where their income earned is going, so that they can make an informed decision on future expenditure. Running hand-in-hand with the budget program is the goal setting program.

Rapid debt reduction in conjunction with a ‘state-of-the-art’ home loan is the net result of effective money management and goal setting. Our Personal Bankers have a variety of options available to them in order to present the best solution to suit a customer’s specific situation. They’ve also developed expertise in the type of mortgage financing each lender prefers to pursue, and this kind of knowledge not only results in the most favourable loan, but often whether a loan project is funded at all.

A client’s typical response to our service has been. “…we had so many questions about renewing our mortgage, Australian Capital Home Loans helped us by assessing our situation, showing us the options available, providing recommendations, and finding us the loan that best suited our needs this saved us valuable time and money .” To learn more about your own Personal Banker, contact Australian Capital Home Loans mackay on 07 49577191.

Australian Credit Licence 378617