Self managed superannuation funds can now borrow money to purchase real estate.

Giving the investor as much choice and control over investment properties inside as outside a superannuation fund.
With stress put on the family budget due to continued interest rate rises, many would be investors are holding off due to the uncertainty of how high the rates will go and whether affordability will be able to be maintained.  This is a perfect option for getting into and taking advantage of the forecast property price increases.  Giving a much needed injection of capital into their long term retirement plan through superannuation.
Purchasing property through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund loan is an attractive prospect due to marginal tax rates applied to the Superannuation Fund, savings in capital gains tax when selling and if PAYG includes employer contributions attributing to the repayment the loan.  Savings that can increase the amount of funds your customer has at retirement substantially.
This loan is a perfect vehicle to gain that valued growth property for retirement, all handled through our accredited financial planners.
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